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About Us

The Nile Porch Lodge and The Black Lantern Restaurant was established as a partnership in 2004. In 2009, Bingo (South African) and Hannah (British) took sole ownership as a family business and have since completely rebuilt the lodge to a much improved level with huge help from our managers and staff, simply put, this has been a superb team effort. Improvements are on going with the construction of our own bakery, spa and an organic vegetable patch completed. Presently we are in the process of installing solar lighting in all our accommodation units which already boast solar hot water systems. We are proud of our eco friendly achievements thus far and continue to better our carbon footprint indefinitely. This is evident in the increase of fauna returning such as pangolin, porcupine, mongoose, hedgehogs, caracal, genet, vervet and red tail monkeys....... The birding is excellent with several species having also returned, African Grey Parrots for one and many finding refuge within our site to bread unhindered. We sincerely hope you enjoy staying with us and share our appreciation of everything natural.

Uganda Briefly

Uganda is “The Pearl of Africa.” The people are incredibly friendly and the landscape is exceptionally lush and diverse, it is however a malaria risk area, so preventative measures need to be followed. Visas can be obtained at all border controls on arrival and public transport is readily available  country wide . One UK Pound will buy you a beer. We will happily answer any questions you have, please just email or call us.